Jordan Hundelt is an artist born and raised in Seattle. After earning her B.F.A in Photographic and Imaging Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology (2021), she moved to Portland and began freelancing in various roles on commercial sets, as well as photographing for a handful of editorial clients. She now lives and works out of Brooklyn, New York.

Jordan is interested in how the mode of presentation informs her various personal projects, experimenting with creating for a printed book, anonymous zines, a weekly Substack, gallery walls, Instagram, and even Zoom. For the last few years, Jordan has focused on pushing her writing abilities, and playing with how visual mediums and the written word can interact to form non-traditional narratives. 

Jordan’s process is intuitive, resourceful, and collaborative with her subject and the environment they share. The practice of photographing people has inherent power imbalances, and a long history of exploitation and insensitivity. Although people are photographing and being photographed now more than ever before, standing in front of a camera is still an act of extreme vulnerability, requiring bravery and trust. Jordan honors this trust - through every stage of her artistic process - by keeping respect for her subject at the forefront of her mind.

instagram: @jehundelt